Mr. Assist


Hockey’s Best off ice training tool for passing and stick handling…. Mr. Assist

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Mr. Assist Product Description

Pro Ambitions Ice Hockey Camp is proud to bring you Mr. Assist – the only solo stickhandling trainer you’ll ever need.

Designed by former NHL Professional Jeff Serowik, the Mr. Assist is the perfect tool for you to hone the most common flaw in a player’s game: passing and pass-catching. Its simple patented design is as follows – simply attach the velcro bungee line to your stick, and start training! You can work on your direction when passing forward, and the puck will come back to you, simulating the in-game passing experience.

This exceptional piece of hockey training gear is suitable for every player at every level. It is designed to be used alone, off-ice, so all you need is a flat surface, such as the floor of your garage, basement, or driveway, and you can practice to your heart’s content. Why spend masses of money on hockey camp and training sessions if you’re going to miss an important skill from your repertoire? With Mr. Assist, your passing and pass-catching will be professional grade in no time at all. Never miss a pass again, and purchase your Pro Ambitions Mr. Assist today!

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