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This is truly the ultimate private lesson. Your child will have one of our top professional coaches assigned to him or her for the entire week. We developed this program five years ago and it has proven to be the most comprehensive personal training offered in the hockey world. You and your child will be contacted by our Private Coaching Coordinator to tailor and plan for your child’s optimal training at Pro Ambitions. This allows your child’s instructor to get to know your child’s skill level and playing habits in advance. We want to know what he or she hopes to improve upon over the summer. Your child and his or her instructor will train in the camp but instead of the 5:1 ratio, it will be 1:1 both on and off ice. Our one on one instructors have played at the highest levels in hockey and look forward to sharing their insight, teachings and hockey IQ with their camper.


Each player will have 6 hours of private on and off ice training daily, 4 hours on and 2 hours off ice. For both on ice and off sessions we will create a program that specifically caters to your child’s needs and development. As part of the one on one training experience our instructors will give direct feedback throughout the day of training as well as serve as a mentor to your camper. The training that is offered equates to 3 months of practices with your local youth team. Jeff Serowik frequently writes and talks about the Pro Ambitions Summer Hockey Growth Spurt. This experience is its truest form. Summer is the time to learn from experts with unbiased sets of eyes. One v One instruction is offered at all camps, but limited to few spots at each location. You may sign up for this option and all options on check out.

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