Building a Complete Hockey Player

What is “Building a Complete Hockey Player” ?

Let’s start with the 5 main components of the building a complete hockey player camp.
Hockey Battle: Hockey Battle drills are the heart and soul of Pro Ambitions Hockey and include NHL and NCAA level drills that are patented by Pro Ambitions.
Hockey is a game of 1v1 and 2v2 battles all over the ice, we teach the kids the correct way to handle dangerous situations so they’re always protected. We teach them techniques and advantages on how to win hockey battles, and most importantly we teach the mentality they must have to win these battles in hockey.
We don’t stand in line much, every drill we do ends in a 2nd puck battle and after the first day the kids are hungry for that 2nd puck battle.
European Hockey skating – With help from fellow NHL skating coaches and our European partners, we have developed European Hockey skating curriculum that involves technique, balance, and skill. The European countries have advanced in the game for years because of their attention to detail in skating and their commitment to it. We have every kid fully enhance their stride and reach their top speed and quickness.
Stickhandling – Though this area may seem simple, it’s not. The Game of hockey has Dramatically changed over the past few years, Stickhandling, and deception have become a game changer in the NHL. We teach the hockey moves and the effort it takes to sell the moves.
Everything is fakes and dekes, even if you don’t have the puck. You must be creative in this game and have this in your skill set or you will get left behind. We bare down on the mindset of outsmarting your opponents with stick handling and deception.
Offense – We tend to separate the Forwards and Defense sometimes during our skates to go over game plans and strategies with each of them before they engage in battle.
With Offense we the teach the kids about shot placement, creativity, offense awareness, and how to put pucks in the bag of the net.
Defense – With Jeff Serowik being a NHL hockey defenseman, we teach the Defensemen how to stay strong and confident in both the D zone and O zone. With having many high-level hockey connections we’re always up to date on what successful Defensemen are doing. Gap is a huge component in our teachings. We teach the kids to be aggressive but smart. We also teach the kids to be confident on the blue line and add deception to the game to get pucks on net and in the right areas of the O zone. Defense IQ is the number one area that needs to be improved and we do whatever it takes to help each individual defenseman higher theirs.
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