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Defense with Jeff

I am a defenseman. You will train with me personally. I call the “D” the “mules”. We pull the cart up the hill, no glory, but blamed when we didn’t get the puck away from “our house”. One of my career highlights was winning The Eddie Shore Award for best defenseman in the AHL. I learned the most defensively in my last few years playing pro hockey from Coach Kevin Constantine, Pittsburgh Penguins. Defense is hard to teach. Growing up I was a forward until I was moved back to D as a junior at prep school. I was drafted that year. I attribute playing forward as a youth being significant in making me a better defenseman. I encourage forwards to attend this camp. Every summer, many do. Great forwards need to be great backcheckers.     SCROLL DOWN TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE CAMPS AND 2019 SUMMER PROGRAMMING ▼

I teach a lot about game theory and positioning and where you need to be on the ice. I will break down the mechanics of the core defensive skills and then we will apply them together. Of course we will Battle because in all of my curriculums, campers will train via game situational battles. I am an expert at coaching kids in gap control, I study it and it is the biggest weakness in youth hockey. I will talk about being inside the dots and DAP which means Defense Against Post, …and a lot more. Find my DEFENSE WITH JEFF Tour on the FIND YOUR CAMP schedule page. You can sort by curriculum, state or month. I begin Memorial Day and end Labor training the D of the nation. I love every second of it. I know I can help you become the best defenseman you can be.

Defense FOR Forwards and Defensemen with SEROWIK



• 37.5 hrs hockey specific training

• 5:1 player to staff ratio

• 4 hours on ice daily training sessions

• one week of Pro Ambitions Camp=3 months season practice

• emailed extensive player evaluation after camp

• after camp care & hockey homework on Pro Ambitons APP

• official Bauer practice jersey

• achieving your summer hockey growth spurt

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