What Is Your Coach’s Hockey Philosophy?

Every coach has a different style and hockey philosophy which will dictate how the team trains and plays this season. In my tenure of hockey I have had the pleasure to learn from a great number of incredible hockey tacticians and mentors. I believe there is something new to be learned from every coach. After retiring, and beginning on my journey to develop youth players at Pro Ambitions I sat down to think long and hard about my own hockey philosophy and style of play. I was an offensive defensemen and I value GETTING INTO THE OFFENSE as many coaches do. Although I am a defensemen and believe that “Defense can win Championships” I like to train kids to get into the offensive zone and stay there. As youth coaches it is a good exercise to think about your hockey philosophy and articulate it to your team so that the kids have a clear direction of how you will be training this season and what you expect and want from them. Although video and chalk talk are essential training tools, nothing replaces on ice instruction, practice, making mistakes, learning from them, repetition and reinforcement most especially when training youth hockey players. Parents need to be patient with their children as hockey takes years of practice before mastery of skills. At Pro Ambitions we train kids on what they should be doing without the puck in order to have more time with the puck. Individual strategies to get in the offense. A five player pounding attack after the breakout aggressively skating up as a unit. I love it when we see a Defenseman beat a Forward up to the neutral zone and then that Forward make an adjustment to cover the Defenseman. There are obvious offensive plays such as: Two on Ones, Three on Twos and Power Play strategies, then there are less obvious scenarios to teach and train the kids. For example: What do kids do when there is no plan during the game? Outside of the plays I just listed above? NHL Teams and youth hockey teams are training as a five person unit where Forwards cycle back to cover the D if need be. Circling as a five person unit. I love this style of play. This is my philosophy. Getting into the offense.

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Pro Ambitions is continuing to monitor developments related to COVID19, including guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”); World Health Organization; various health officials; and federal, state, and local government authorities. We are also in contact with our partners and rinks which will host our camps. Things are changing quickly especially with regard to local guidance concerning social distancing and safety protocols. At Pro Ambitions we are striving to take appropriate precautionary measures and have plans to ensure the safety of our coaches and campers. We are monitoring the guidelines of every state we hold camps in, as well as European countries where we play in tournaments and train. Please click here to go to The Pro Ambitions COVID19 Page.

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