Virtual Skills and Strength/Conditioning

with Coach Mike Sones

The plan is to keep the concept very simple, you will select your package (you will see options listed below). The time for the group Zoom’s will be 3-4pm Monday or Friday on your selected date. Coach Mike will take the groups through a variation of cardio, strength/conditioning, and stickhandling drills, These group trainings will be very low maintenance in regards to gear needed. Workout apparel, stick, gloves, stickhandling ball/puck, and possibly some cones/something similar to cones.

If you chose to work privately, we will put you in touch with one of our highly trained coaches, and you will either Face Time or Zoom come the time of your scheduled session. Each session will be 50 minutes in length. These sessions will be sure to have your player breaking a sweat, and improving his skills. You will be put in touch with the coach prior to the session to go over specifics on what the player is looking to work on.

Register for your Virtual Skill & Strength Training below:

Monday Group Session – $35.00


Friday Group Session – $35.00


Virtual Private Session – $125.00