Will Carroll

2 years ago our oldest boy entered his first year of Squirts and was the last kid cut from the “A” team and sent down to the “B” team. He scored 62 points on the “B” team that year, but he wasn’t challenged and didn’t grow. The next year he was a strong “A” team player but wasn’t reaching his potential. Entering Pee-Wee this year nothing has changed in terms of the 2005 kids holding most of the slots leaving just a few for the 2006 kids. His week at BU this summer made the difference though. He made the “A” team as a 2006 this time around. He picked up the skills and confidence at camp that he needed to jump up the ladder. We don’t care if he plays A or B team, but we are happy he has learned that working harder can make a difference in the outcome. Pretty critical lesson for an 11-year-old. And selfishly in Montana this means the difference between driving him 6 hours one way for games and driving him 2 hours one way for games. They had a blast and they got better, thank you.

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