Tony Haskins

My son had a blast at your camp last week even though he said he had to work hard. I was not able to attend as much as I would have liked but he did tell me how much he learned and that Friday was the thrill of his life. He told me he broke his stick which was somewhat new and got to use yours. He bragged to all his friends and family about getting to use your stick. I want to apologize for that as he has been told to always bring 2 sticks. He was a little upset he couldn’t keep it ( ha, ha ) just kidding. I will tell you that I did ask a lot of parents who I knew that were able to attend and watch were very happy with the training that their children received compared to other camps that they had attended. I did mention yours may not be the best but it’s the best i’ve seen. I want to thank you and your staff for the special attention that they give to each child. I have always noticed that they are constantly correcting which you don’t get at most camps. My hats off to you and your staff. I just wished I could afford to send my son to more of your camps. He gets so much out of them.

Thanks again, Tony Haskins