Hello, unfortunately we were late the first day and he missed check in, so he did not receive the Mr. assist. Getting him to and from camp last week proved to be a challenge for me because my babysitter became unavailable at the last minute, but we made it work and I just wanted to thank you guys because you and your coaches were so great help tying his skates for him and even hanging around when I ended up being late picking him up. On the last day I had no idea that camp ended early and I had to go pick my other son up from Zoo camp in Cranston not to mention all the holiday traffic, so I ended up getting there at 4:15 and when I got there he was playing street hockey with one of the coaches and I just thought that was so great, so nice of him to do that. I’m sure he wanted to leave and go home, but he hung around for Oliver. I have nothing but great things to say about you guys and your camp so thanks again and hopefully will see you next year! Samantha