First of all I wanted to mention how much of a great experience it was for Brandon to attend the BU AAA Camp the week of July 7th.
Your staff was exemplary and Brandon came away a winner at that camp.

Well I also have great news to share with you. Brandon made the Elite team in his first year of Squirt.
We were informed a few hours ago. Coach told me how much he admired Brandon’s grit, intensity and battle skills.
When I heard that I told my wife I have to write to Jeff..

So there you have it another camper who has benefited significantly from your camp. Parents continously asked me what I did to or fed Brandon throughout the summer. His summer spurt came through and thanks to Pro Ambitions!!!

We are proud of Brandon’s achievement. He defied the odds during training camp tryouts.
No more can they say he is small but they can only say he’s a battler!! ( see email below)

Thanks to you and your staff