Parent of Mickey

Hi Jeff-
It was nice to meet you this week in Canton. As a full time figure skating coach, I miss most of my son’s practices & a lot of his games. I really enjoyed watching the camp -made it to 2 out of 3! I LOVE all of the skating you do at the beginning -so important for these kids! The edge work, balance & coordination drills were awesome & Mickey loved it. This was the 3rd ProAmbitions camp/clinic that he has done. We did one at Endicott College a couple of summer’s ago, did the one on St. Patrick’s Day at the Garden & now this one.
As a parent, I love to see my kid happy, challenged & proud. Every ProAmbitions experience has been positive. As a coach, it was refreshing to see a staff of professionals run a program that was challenging, educational & fun. The youth hockey world has been challenging to navigate. So many teams & so many “coaches” who are not educated or passionate about their role as coach.
Mickey is signed up for a small group skills class in a couple of weeks at Boch. We are going to try to give him more opportunities with ProAmbitions. I would love to do the Europe trip …it looks like an amazing experience.
Thank you again & Happy New Year!