Well, I went to my first Newton Youth Hockey game this morning. It was a Garden City Tournament game, Newton vs. Wellesley. I was positively amazed and astounded to see Jeremy actually on the ice playing the game. Jeff, you have worked miracles. Last May when he said he wanted to play ice hockey, he had never even held a hockey stick, much less hit a puck. You and your team have worked miracles. I am so impressed. I hope you realize what you are accomplishing with this kid. Jeremy NEVER wanted to play team sports. I have no clue why as he is athletic, but soccer, little league, none of that appealed to him. And David and I never pushed him. We were delighted when he said he wanted to play ice hockey because we think a team experience is valuable. But frankly, we weren’t sure we were going to be able to help him pull it off. As you know, kids start all of this so early in life. Finding you was a Godsend! You are an excellent teacher and I really hope you know that. Watching him this morning with all these huge kids who are truly skilled, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Granted he needs to learn speed on ice, and he is not yet the most aggressive kid out there, but he is, nevertheless, after only two months or so of playing, out there giving it his best shot. He was super this morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! We are so appreciative of the opportunity you have provided.

Warm regards,

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