Kim Ivanov

I just wanted to thank you for a great week of hockey camp. My son Gabriel had a great time. It’s difficult to get him out of bed in the summer but  the week of camp he was up and ready to go before I had to nag him.    Your staff was great and treated my son with care and respect. Kevin was  outstanding and gave Gabriel a lot of positive reinforcement. Though my son is not the greatest hockey player and very unsure of himself, the guys gave him the confidence to try his best. I certainly appreciate that.    I guess the best endorsement is that Gabriel felt let down when the week was over. He really had a great time and is looking forward to another summer with your camp. I also wanted to thank you for making special  arrangements for Gabriel to participate in the hockey part of your boarding  camp, I think he may even be interested in the complete boarding camp next year.  Thanks again.    Kim Ivanov