Jeff, Pro Amb Mgmt,

“I went to Battlecamp day camp in (Fremont CA July 23) with my two sons 7 and 9 as wanted to spend the entire week with them bonding.  Mission accomplished!  The fact their hockey improved significantly was simply winning with house money!  I encourage more Dads to take week off from THE MAN and spend the week with their kids at Battle Camp bonding instead of Disney World.”

1)THE PROGRAM:  Great program especially the 2 puck battle stations.

2)PEER GROUP:  Program drew some of the best skaters in region so peers pushed each other.

3)COACHES:  Coaches were all solid.  Not one in bunch was a problem.  All polite.

4)TEMPO:  Practice Tempo was next level training for my boys.


1)Team Leader Kyleout of AZ ran a well oiled shop.  No wasted time on ice.  Scobbie Doo van always on time.

2)Kyle Bigos (Edminton Oilers 2009) was great guy you should think about retaining in higher capacity in your firm.  You hire guy like him and find a job for him later!



Father to Squirt at SJ Sharks and Mite at Redwood City Blackstars