Hopefully you’ll have time to read my note to Garrett. In short- absolutely thrilled with the BU camp. You not only helped Jake become a better hockey player, you helped my wife and I with our bigger goal which is to raise a boy into a young man. Having the chance to experience life on his own for a week and seeing what housing is like should he choose to do a prep school or college is a great experience for a 13 year old.

As for the hockey, little things that are huge can make all the difference. By that I’m referencing the coaches who took enough interest to see that Jake was out performing his peer group. They easily could have kept him in his age bracket – a no risk, no effort decision. Instead they moved him up a level or two so that he would be challenged all week in terms of the size, speed competitions, the scrimmages, the physicality. That’s a decision made by people that take an interest in developing kids and care about the experience they have the week they are at your camp. We are grateful to all the coaches as they were wonderful to our son throughout the week.

I’d be remiss in not mentioning Garrett. He’s a great asset to your company. He was always there for me by email and through phone calls. His knowledge and patience to answer my questions (I’m an auditor so I always have lots of questions) was what made me comfortable enough to send my son to your camp. We had never done a boarding camp and there was anxiety in our household about leaving a kid his age in Boston for a week. Garret helped me understand it all and we were actually excited by the time camp rolled around because we really felt this was going to be a growth experience for our son. And it was!

So thank you for everything and we hope to have Jake in your D camp next year. Probably as much as Jake, I’m looking forward to learning more about dots, DAP, and GAP control (his coaches yell “close the gap” but that tells him nothing about when, how fast, how far which would be far more instructive). Probably a great bar stool discussion.

With thanks & appreciation,


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