Hi Garrett,

I want to thank you for getting my son into the shot doctor clinic in Marlboro this past February.  He learned so much from the clinic and it definitely helped him with his confidence.

I have to say he is a first year squirt and he was feeling somewhat discouraged this season.  He went all season without scoring a goal.  He has 17 kids on his team, so his playing time during games was very limited.  He would come home from school and shoot pucks and always try his best during practice.  After completing the clinic I saw an improvement in his confidence level.  We just spent this past weekend at state tournament and I have to say he went out and skated like a true hockey player.  His coach noticed the difference and Devin therefore got more ice time.  He finally scored the goals that he was waiting for all season.  His team won the state championship and I can gladly say Devin played a roll in the win.

I am so grateful he had the opportunity to participate in the Pro Ambitions clinic.  He will definitely be participation in more clinics in the future.  Thank you for your assistance in getting him into the clinic.

Best regards,