I hope everyone had a great vacation week and wanted to get a little feedback on your camp experience last week.

Did you have fun?

Both my goalies (Anthony and Kirsten) enjoyed working with Mike. From my perspective, he seemed to make the learning fun. In fact, Kirsten wanted to go back this week.

Did you learn?

Both put their new skills to work over the weekend. Kirsten recorded her first shutout (with 15 shots against), and Anthony had an awesome weekend in goal for the squirt T2 State tourney…in four games, saw 105 shots and only 8 got by him…92%. Three of the games, he held the teams to one goal, the fourth was a 5-5 tie against the top seed. Hard to say if all can be attributed to the camp, but it certainly refined their skills.

Was it challenging? Do you work hard?

I think you challenged them by giving them new tools to work on.

Was the staff courteous? Would you come back?

Yes, and yes, schedules permitting.


My son would answer yes to all those questions. After I spoke to you in the locker room on Monday after the camp, I knew it was a solid program. The last remark my son had was “How come it did not end on Friday?” I told him it was not like grammar school. I could see the improvement last weekend in the two games he played in.

Thank you very much,