Anonymous 4

Your Atlantic City camp just concluded.  I had two kids, 4 nephews and 5 other kids that we consider family enrolled in the camp.  Last month we sent the same kids to Northern Edge, also in Atlantic City, and the conclusion by all the kids was the same.  Pro Ambition was by far the better camp.  Your counsel were engaging, funny, personable, talented, and helped the kids when they didn’t understand the drills.  Your drills were fun to do, competitive, and realistic.   We had your counselors to our house for a pizza party and not only did they did they come over but, they played a little bit of football, went to the beach and played a made up game of butt ball (it was made up by a 9 year old and it was pitch black out), and when they lost they put their but up and allowed themselves to get hit.  They were all great sports.  When the Northern Edge coaches came over they sat around our dining room table drank beer and ate.

Thanks again for everything.  By the way, you’ll have applications from about 10 kids in 6 or 7 years.  Lastly, Justin Williams and Dennis Seidenberg invited the counselors to a skate in the morning that a lot of the kids watched and one of the coaches that happens to work for the New Jersey Devils hit Justin in the mouth with a puck.  Stitches were required.   Thanks again for everything.  See you next year.