Anonymous 3

Hi Jeff,

I know you are busy gearing up for your summer busy season, so I will be brief. First, I want to apologize for the boys not being at camp this summer. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say circumstances changed, so the boys probably won’t be able to make it back. However, I do want to be absolutely clear that that decision has nothing to do with your program, for which I have the highest regard. Second, and along those lines I wanted to thank you, and your staff for a great series of sessions for the boys. They always enjoyed their time with your program, and always seemed to be better hockey players coming
out of it. And the results speak for themselves: 1) Both boys made their high school varsity hockey teams as freshman; 2) This past season the team made it to the state finals with their essential help; and 3) My oldest son was one of the starting ‘D’. I can clearly trace the older son’s success in hockey to a camp of yours he attended years ago in Andover. During that week I could seen the light come on in a lot of different ways, and he never looked back. As a parent that was fun to watch.

Anyway, best of continued good luck with your program, and I can only hope it keeps helping other boys and girls like it helped my boys.

Best Regards,

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