Anonymous 28

Mr. Serowik,

My son attended the Lake Tahoe Defensive camp two weeks ago. I must say that I was very impressed with the camp and how it was conducted
throughout the week. Wil learned a tremendous amount and I have no doubt his defensive skills will improve as a result.

Being a defensive coach myself, I was grateful to turn the development of my son over to a group of young men and yourself knowing that he was receiving
the best instruction in the industry. Each day, he made reference to knowledge he gained, the fun he experienced, and the great instruction he received. My son told me that you personally recognized him during the camp in front of his peers with regards to his ability to control his gap. I can tell you that had a tremendous impact on his confidence and his desire to continue that behavior. Thanks for the
positive reinforcement.

While I firmly believe the hockey instruction was extraordinary there is another quality to your camp that I believe is equally as important. That
is discipline and respect. Every player, no matter the level, should be exhibiting discipline and respect. The discipline is key to creating a learning environment for all the participants. The respect is for coaches and fellow players. I witnessed both at your camp. The discipline and respect were demanded,
as they should.

I also want to commend Coach Mike for his interactions with his group of kids. I thought he did a great job and I can say without hesitation that
my son Wil very much enjoyed his instruction and the encouragement he displayed to his group.

Thanks again for the experience. We will see you next year.

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