Anonymous 248

PA Staff:
Thanks for the feedback request, I was going to drop a note anyway. I had emailed a quick note prior attached to your snow policy. Overall I think it was a GREAT week. We had told other parents / kids how much fun and how good the defense clinic was that Dominic attended during Christmas vacation. (Jeff made room for us). For this clinic Nic was with 3 other 96 Outlaw kids from his team. All our kids had a GREAT time, stayed at each others houses, played and practiced together between clinic sessions. They all learned a great deal, especially the toughness required and the physical aspect of the game.

What they learned has been displayed in their game output since the clinic. It was very challenging, they all came off the ice soaked in sweat and with big smiles on their faces. Jeff and the entire staff was Great. I typically ask Dominic to shake hands and thank the coaches after practices and games. When Nic shook hands with Jeff and the staff, they called him by his name and responded very positively. This type of treatment is very instrumental in the growth of kids at that age I believe. Being a USA hockey level 4 coach and head coach, I may have more appreciation for how you conducted the clinic than some, but great job. We will come back to every clinic possible. Keep up the good work.