Anonymous 245

My son Michael did your battle camp in Marlboro at the end of July. I am not one to go out of my way to complain about things and on the same token unfortunately I don’t usually go out of my way to say thanks. I certainly will and did shake your hand and say thanks at the time as well as make sure my son does also but i have been thinking about the two camps my son did this summer, yours and I won’t say the other . Everyone but me has written and or called voicing there displeasure with the other camp. I thought I’d drop a line and tell you how well run yours was. From day one there was more than adequate supervision at all times during the camp. I am a parent who doesn’t leave my kids with people I don’t know and by day two I was comfortable enough with your staff that I didn’t have to be there all day.

On ice my son was moved from one group into a higher one where he was with kids of closer skill level. Michael is a great skater with lots of skill but wouldn’t be aggressive for anything and it was a concern to his coach. That all changed by the end of 1 week because your instructors made being aggressive fun. I heard some knocks that you should do this or teach that and after day one all I could say is my son had the time of his life out there with all those kids and instructors. Michael has 2 sisters 6 girl cousins 0 boys all the neighbors are girls so this was fun for him. Finally the best part was at the end of each day the instructors played simon says before checkout.

Well Michael won 3 times and came in second twice. I will be honest, the first day as i’m waiting and all the kids were coming in for another clinic and the parents asked if Michael was doing the clinic I said no he’s doing pro ambitions he’s right there and pointed to him playing simon says, I felt a bit awkward. I told him the next day lose on purpose, nope he won again. When I tell you that was the most fun he had in the clinic, it was and you wont find many kids who love to be on the ice as much as he does. He won a hat and wears it around proudly. I was very thrilled with how your camp was run and look forward to coming to others in the future.

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