Anonymous 24

My son recently attended your camp in Dallas Texas. He did well, and was given high marks for being a small goalie. He is very good at what he does; loves thyis sport. He finished the number one goalie ion his league this past season. I wanted to thank you for thye camp and what you left him with. He brought hiome a different attitude and approach. Each evening he was so excited, and couldn’t wait to get home and tell me what he had done
during the day at the camp. He was overjoyed each time the coaches hit a hard shot at him and he would catch it. I had tiokld them not to go easy on him and to be tough on him sometime when they felt comfortable hitting a couple pretty hard at him.

All coaches (counselors) were very friendly, and I felt at ease leaving him with them. From the first time I met them, I did not feel they were strangers since they were so available and friendly. We plan on attending next time one is offered. I appreciate what you’ve done for my son. He won’t make the NHL, but his dream is more alive, and he now has more confidence than ever before. Just a simple thank you and your coaches for your time and effort you put into the camp. Looking forward to next year.