Anonymous 173

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how impressed I am, as well as, a number of other parents with the coaching staff and the camp that has been going on at Mennen sports Arena here in New Jersey. I am one of the Head Coaches for the NJ Colonials, Mennen is our home rink so there is a huge contingent of Colonials in the camp, and let me say the kids are getting a lot out of the camp. The Coaches are extremely knowledgeable, organized, efficient, and above all else….caring. They are making it fun for everyone. Already some of the kids, including my son, are asking their parents if they can do Pro Ambitions next year. Being a hockey player, Head Coach, and an instructor in a local hockey school I have to say I really like the battle camp philosophy and I think it seems to be taking hold here in NJ.

Good luck to you and your staff…..