Anonymous 165

I really don’t know what to say, but I’ll give it a shot.

The camp was outstanding and you exceeded not only my expectations but both of my boys. No bullshit, they came off the ice as different skaters, shooters and teammates. My wife was extremely tentative sending the “baby” there, but when she saw his face; tired but grinning, she was relieved. Needless to say both were asleep by 8:15PM.

Jarod, my 6 year old normally would complain about waking up at 6:30AM (The Shelton rink is an hour away), but he got up, not one complaint, and after 8 hours of “all hockey”, still smiles at the end of the day, he still wanted to shoot in the basement when he got home.

Manny, 9 years old, always loves any kind of hockey, but he truly loved this camp, no horsing around, 4 hours of ice time, 1 hour of off ice training and exercise, hockey skills movies and a talented and skilled group of coaches who understand how to handle and motivate even the cynic kid. By the end of the camp both kids were not only on a first name basis with the majority of all the kids (spanning all age groups) but with all the coaches as well. (They used “Coach” as a preface).

I wish there were more time in the summer to join your other battle camps. As true to your marketing material, what you promise, you get and then some. I would recommend your camp to anyone, except for players my kids would have to face. Worth every penny!!

Keep up the great work, and please thank all the staff from Camp #17.