Anonymous 117

Thanks so much for this (“No Crying in Hockey” newsletter). It really shows that Pro Ambitions is more of a family than a business. You clearly care a great deal about the development of young athletes, so much so that you take the time not just to advise the kids but their parents as well. Sharing this personal story of your family connects those of us who participate in your camps more closely with you, though some of us have never met you. As a parent, I feel connected to something more than “just a camp.” I am connected to a very rare person.

My boy Peter is only 8 and plays in goal. He was a day-camper at the URI goalie camp and LOVED it. He has even started talking up the camp to friends on his two teams here in NYC.

Thank you for building a more meaningful experience for the parents and kids. Thank you for your time, energy, and concern for the development of all those who you coach.