Andy Szilvasi


My name is Andy Szilvasi and my son Gavin (a goalie) attended the recent Pro Ambitions camp held at the Red Bank Armory in NJ from July 16-20. I wanted to comment on what a great time Gavin had at the camp. Not only did he enjoy working with the coaches, especially goalie coach Mike Vishnevetsky, but he also learned a ton.


I was lucky enough to beat the rink for every session that week so i was able to observe how the coaches worked with the kids. They were professional, fun, and also strict when they needed to be. But above all they were great teachers. All the kids got progressively better as the week went on and it was because of the way each and every coach blended hard work with fun.


Regarding Mike Vishnevetsky, my son has worked with several goalie coaches over the last few years. He learned more from coach Mike in 1 week than he did from any of those others. Mike took time to analyze Gavin’s game on day 1 and worked every day to break bad habits while instilling new good habits. Mike also took the time to speak with me every day about what he was seeing with Gavin and what he was working on improving.


Pro Ambitions has a tremendous group of coaches working the NJ camps. Gavin will definitely be back next year.


Andy Szilvasi