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Hybrid Powerskating

We combine figure skating, speed skating, edge control, explosive starts and direction changes and stride as well as off ice strength and conditioning in our hybrid curriculum.

“What is it about figure skating that is so unique? It’s the use of edges, it’s how we use our body to change direction on the ice. It’s something that makes all hockey players go ‘oh’.”

-Four-time world champion Kurt Browning

At this camp your child will be trained by a dynamic duo, a power/speed skating hockey coach along with a certified figure skating coach. Founder Jeff Serowik trained with a professional figure skater throughout his professional career as did many other NHL players. We found two of the most talented skating coaches in the nation to add quickness and precision to our camper’s skating. We teach explosive starts and acceleration, technique, form, hockey specific pivots, proper body position and kee bend, balance and weight shift. We develop what you already have in your own skating style. Powerful strides, backwards acceleration and speed, agility, mobility,edges, starts and stops. We just published an article on another key element to quick feet on the ice. Our strength and conditioning trainer, Brian McDonough, trains NHL and Hockey East players all summer off the ice in preparation for them gaining quicker feet on the ice in the fall. Both at camp and on our PRO AMBITIONS APP, we will be streaming a dry land conditioning regime to do as hockey homework where kids can continue to train their feet at home after they leave us.

• 2+ hours on ice daily training sessions
• one week of Pro Ambitions Camp=3 months season practice
• emailed extensive player evaluation after camp
• after camp care & hockey homework on Pro Ambitons APP
• official Bauer practice jersey
• achieving your summer hockey growth spurt

“I could not be more pleased with Christian’s hybrid power skating clinic. Amazing instructor, amazing with the kids, and unique drills and techniques that he teaches not taught in most traditional youth hockey programs. Huge value.”

Gregg Jackson,  Father of twelve-year-old son Jake who loves Pro Ambitions.


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