Exciting NEW performance enhancement opportunity from Pro Ambitions’ Professional Coaches FOR YOUR PlayerTHE PRO AMBITIONS GAME CHANGER





    • A broken down video  with the trained eye of a professional coach allows players to analyze movement patterns and skills, and to understand what went right or wrong in a particular moment of play. Professional and college hockey players spend hours on learning from videos of their games and practices. What happens a few minutes prior to a goal scored or scored upon.



  • Sign up on the website
  • Simply submit your game, practice, clinic or drill video through the instructions you will be sent
    • Pro Ambitions professional coach will review your child’s performance and respond with voiceover, detailed comments, and telestrate drawings for the most personalized feedback
    • Pro Ambitions will analyze and critique every move in a game or practice to help build a more effective game plan.  For example:
      • Forwards—stick position, puck protection, body language, PK/PP strategies, shooting advice, offensive creativity, anticipation, deception, etc.
      • Defensemen—breakout strategies, angling, deception, defensive zone responsibilities, gap control, one-on-one battles, vision, physicality, etc.
      • Goalies—save selection, shuffle, hand positioning, post play-coverage, puck movement, crease depth, T-push, rebound control, etc.

“We did the game changer package with Jeff and Henry and it was so eye opening! After the videos of Andrew’s shifts were sent back to us we watched them together and learned so much! Plus the zoom call after with Coach Henry was so beneficial.

It’s just great to have a professional and non biased coach help us set up a successful game plan. We appreciate Pro Ambitions Hockey so much.”
– Cindy (Andrew’s mom)

THE PRO AMBITIONS GAME CHANGER / Mentor-ship program Package Options:

1. Send all shifts from one game or practice(parents do the work) $399
• Shifts will be analyzed and critiqued

SIGN UP NOW – $399


2. Send full game video (via YouTube or LiveBarn) $699
• Lazy man package
• Receive shift-by-shift breakdown
• Receive one post-game Zoom session with your personal Pro Ambitions’ coach

SIGN UP NOW – $699

3. Have your personal Pro Ambitions’ coach come to your game (MA, RI, and NH only) and film the game himself. $899
• All shifts will be analyzed and critiqued
• Receive one post-game Zoom session with your Pro Ambitions’ coach

SIGN UP NOW – $899

“My son Enzo has been attending Pro Am since he was a Mite and from the very beginning Henry has been a stand out in helping make Enzo feel confident and comfortable. Henry’s own experiences have been front row for Enzo in his development both on and off the ice. This mentorship program has done more than we ever imagined.

As the game has gotten more serious Henry has consistently been there every step of the way keeping Enzo ahead of the curve and prepared for next steps. We have been to countless Hockey programs and Pro Am by far is the best there is, in large part due to the commitment and enthusiasm of coaches like Henry. There are a ton of fun programs and more serious ones, but Henry has been the only one we’ve worked with that bridges both and keeps the focus on the work but just as much on the fun which in turn produces the most progress we’ve experienced.   

Summer is here in a few months and Enzo will be moving into Bantam. As always, we’re looking forward to more Pro Am with Henry where we’ll continue to watch Enzo evolve into a well-rounded, smart, hard-working, and committed hockey player, as well as continue the mentorship program with Henry. I know Enzo wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for Henry’s dedication and focus on working with Enzo to make him the best he can be.

Henry has not only been Enzo’s 1v1 coach and mentor for all these years but has become a good friend and someone we consider part of the family.

– Suzanne (Enzo’s mom)

4. Mentorship Program $1999
• Receive twenty shifts broken down, analyzed, and critiqued.
• Receive 5 one-hour Zoom calls with your coach
• Receive 5 one-hour Zoom workouts/stick handling clinics with your coach
• Receive 3 one-hour coaches corner chalk talk
• Receive 2 one-hour Zoom calls with the parents
• Receive daily hockey homework for a month

SIGN UP NOW – $1999



Email henry@proambitions.com to determine your GAME PLAN for THE PRO AMBITIONS GAME CHANGER.

There may be people who are more talented than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you off the ice. THE PRO AMBITIONS GAME CHANGER means putting in the extra work off the ice and getting ahead of your competition.

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