Wrists and Forearms

Feb 3 Try Out Tip Work on Strengthening Your Wrists and Forearms

  • get a wrist gripper
  • or wrist ball or ring
  • use it in the car, we are all in the car A LOT on the way to hockey
  • leave these little tools in the car
  • kids at any age can work on strengthening their wrists and forearms
  • I did this as a youth
  • as a college player
  • as a pro
  • there was always a guy at every level (youth college pro) that I would try to poke check or as a defenseman in front of the net lift my oponent’s stick up and it would NOT budge
  • they were stronger than me on the puck
  • bar down
  • you need wrist and arm strength to shoot to play defense to do anything with your stick
  • hold it with one hand effectively securely with strength
  • a wrist break or injury in hockey is not an easy injury to heal
  • work on this
  • get stronger on the puck
  • get stronger on your shot
  • BELOW is a picture of Stick Flex
  • with the new technology in the game
  • this has changed the way we shoot
  • rocket launchers
  • I personally love whipping it with these incredibly engineered sticks
  • we teach how to maximize shooting with this technology
  • these lessons are GREAT to be taught early
  • unfortunately your kids are not learning what we at Pro Ambitions teach in their youth organizations
  • I should never say never but typically they are not learning from experts
  • we are experts in training the youth of the nation
  • our coaches are trained under my curriculums
  • extensively
  • Link to all Shot Dr. Camp locations to sign up now  https://proambitions.com/find-your-camp/?state=all&city=all&type=Shot%20Doctor&boardingtype=all&groupsize=all&start=&end=&title%3D

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