Work on Your Weaknesses

Sept 14 Work on Your Weaknesses.

  • Important to identify your weaknesses and work on them.
  • Talk to your parents. Your coach. Ask questions about their opinion of your game. What area needs improvement. Ask those difficult questions that are not fun to ask and not fun to hear the answers to.
  • The first step in improving the weaknesses is identifying the weaknesses.
  • The second step is owning them and not being in denial.
  • Every single hockey player has weaknesses and room for improvement.
  • Your favorite pros are working on theirs nonstop as well.
  • At home as well.
  • For example: When working on shooting, practice on the move, on your backhand, in uncomfortable positions.
  • Work at home with a tennis ball, green biscuit, Mr. Assist… set up an obstacle course to the net.
  • Make it difficult on yourself.
  • Working on your weaknesses will lead to incorporating other skill work.
  • Especially when you begin your own self discovery practice at home.
  • This type of practice on your own is invaluable. On your own without a coach. Discovering things about your game on your own.
  • And of course play up your strengths…always.

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