What is The Battle Camp? What States is it in?

  • We just completed MA February Vacation in four locations with three curriculums: The Battle Camp, Defense with Jeff and European Micro Stickhandling
  • We are gearing up for NH February Vacation Clinics next week
  • Winning Battles MEANS WINNING the hockey game
  • In order for players to win battles they must learn at an early age to resist movement and build strength in their core to not get knocked out of the play and off the puck
  • In every battle the player who is able to resist being moved out of position will win the battle
  • Building your core will not only help you win battles but also help in avoiding injuries. We will train core strength with resistance at all Battle Camps and beginning teaching this at all ages.
  • This is what we are known for. Founder of Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc., Jeff Serowik, created and trademarked this system of training where skill development takes place in a game situational battle in small area drills. Our goal is to develop a player’s skill and hockey IQ through game situational battles . Every drill incorporates a skill, skating and game theory element while engaging in a game situational battle. At the Battle Camp players will go through a battery of drills that all introduce a second puck. After the initial battle is won or lost, the players focus on gap control and go back in for a second battle. This curriculum has created its own niche in the industry. Is now imitated by many. It has been endorsed by the Boston Bruins, and countless NHL players. We facilitate the camps for the Boston Bruins for a reason.
  • The Battle Camp is designed for every player, battling is taught safely and effectively and as your player grows in stature and age they will take more and more of the fundamentals away from The Battle Camp curriculum annually.
  • Players are grouped according to skill and age on first day of camp.
  • 5:1 player to coach ratio.
  • We have a dry land training component to all battle camps designed by Brian McDonough’s Edge Performance Systems.
  • All coaches are trained by Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. via a 20 hour on line course and satellite training sessions and most have been with us for 5-10 years.
  • All battle camps follow the trademarked curriculum.
  • All Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. camps provide a detailed analysis for every camper via our custom built on line evaluation system emailed to you after camp from your player’s coach for the week.


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