Urgency And Importance of Your Hockey Coach Liking You

hockey coach campsStart of Season Word for Players to remember and repeat in their heads during practice and games


The importance requiring swift action, an earnest persistent quality, importance, top priority, imperativeness ,weight, seriousness, momentousness, haste, hurry, cruciality, necessity, gravity.

The most successful hockey players will separate themselves from the pack because they develop high levels of a sense of urgency. The younger you realize this, the better.

You can leverage playing time with sense of urgency, hockey coaches will notice this during practice, warm ups, games, even how you fast you skate off the bench. How early are you are to the game dressed and ready to go? What is your demeanor in locker room before the game?

Urgency translates in your execution on the ice in practice, during drills and during the game. Even when there is no hockey coach watching.


It is important for your coaches to like you. How you make this happen is simple.

Play with urgency, heart, effort, watch video and understand corrections, and be a good teammate.

Coaches will be assessing players skills and figuring out who does what best. Some players are good at breakouts, face-offs, a left shot D for example has to be good at going in the corner while being chased and finding where his or her partner is on this play.

Be aware in front of the net, is better for you to take the shot or do you have teammates open in a better shooting position?

Private skill development is critical during your season. Finding your niche and your area of expertise to bring to your team is key to being an impact player.

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