Train with European Coaches as well as North American Coaches

Train with European Coaches as well as North American Coaches

  • We have been taking teams over to Europe for decades to compete against the youth of Europe as well as TRAIN with our partner European coaches
  • Meet Coach Ondra above from Prague Czech Republic
  • Coach Ondra and his colleague will be coming to train at AAA Boston University this summer for five weeks
  • We welcomed Ondra here in Boston last Christmas Vacation as well as for 5 weeks this past summer
  • He also coached one of our Prague Teams
  • Europeans are skill and finesse concentrated
  • Americans are battle and grit concentrated
  • Both styles combined benefit American and European youth players
  • We welcome Swedish and Finnish coaches here this summer
  • We are seeking players to play for us this summer in Europe all birth years
  • Learn More Below Pro Ambitions Europe is the only exclusion from the annual October SALE ENDING MIDNIGHT HALLOWEEN
  • Email Jeff today to inquire about playing for us in Europe

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Have you worked with Jeff before? He is one of the few men in this whole big hockey world that TRULY CARES about everyone of his players. He is an exceptional human that is a gem among the unfortunate money grab that has gone on in the hockey system in our area(Massachusetts). I think the trip was excellent for our son on many levels:

1. Chance to go to Europe

2. Thrill and excitement of playing teams from other countries on the Russian/Czech turf: John just wanted to beat them from the rivalry that dates back from so long ago in US history. I think this was one of the best parts for him: He has loved the Herb Brooks story and watched Miracle so many times. In a way it let him be a part of this History.

3. Gave him a sense of self in this huge hockey world: showed him that he can play at a level against the Czech team AND WIN!

4.His Team Camaraderie Has been formed with players all over US that I believe will be life long friends. They formed a STRONG bond. They are STILL in a group chat after 13 months later and they see each other at major tournaments or camps and root for each other’s success. When they see each other it is the unspoken connection there always.

5. They left me home and it was a good thing because his Dad let him run the streets of Prague with his team and BOY ????did they have fun. THE STORIES are endless and priceless!!!!!

6. He begs me to go again all the time !

So yes the trip is amazing and your son will gain much from it. I hope this helps. Reach out if you need anything else or any specific questions to my husband.


Hi Jeff!

I wanted to share these pictures with you. Jason, Shane, Brodie, Jack and Josh all played together on the 06 team this past summer in Prague! The parents and kids have all have stayed in contact, and we were all able to see each other in Marlboro today! These kids represent three different teams on both the East and West coast. They will be forever friends after playing together in Prague. Thank you for the opportunity. I’m trying to convince them to join us in Sweden/Finland!

Hope to see you soon,

JoAnna and Josh

Hello. How are you?

I wish you can remember me.

Time is too fast.

We had such a great time in Praha , Thank you !

We’re happy with you and good friends.

I’m thinking about that Brian transfers his school in Canada to another school in USA.

If you don’t mind, could you help us?

I’ll be happy to hear any tips or information from you.

Thank you so much !!


Hanna hyojung Kim


Prague Europe Tournament

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