Tight Turns

Oct 25 Tip: Tight Turns

  • This tight turn NEEDS to be mastered to change directions quickly
  • Your stick is your steering wheel
  • Think of two hands on the steering wheel
  • Two hands on the stick
  • Your head will turn first
  • Looking into the turn
  • Will bring your shoulders into the turn
  • That is what turns you
  • Your skates are shoulder width apart, not to wide
  • We get low and work from our core as always
  • Skates are slightly staggered
  • Taking a right turn, right skate slightly ahead of left skate and vise versa
  • We cross over right after the head shoulders and stick goes
  • Don’t lean in too deep with your shoulders or you will fall
  • YOU HAVE TO CROSS OVER while doing all of this
  • Can’t ride out your edge
  • So many kids are taking WIDE turns
  • Losing speed
  • Getting burned
  • Work on this
  • Over and over and over and over
  • Get faster while working on these tight turns
  • We do so many skating drills to master and improve tight turns
  • HYBRID POWER SKATING camps combine all skating disciplines(figure skating, speed skating, hockey edge work, hockey power pushes, backwards, forwards, explosive starts and stops, the first three steps, intrinsic edgework…) Only 20skaters per camp We have new west coast locations this summer
  • Link for Hybrid Powerskating Camps


  • If you can get to The Jay Peak Vermont Resort Boarding Camp, do it. The resort and mountains are beautiful, air conditioned resort condos where an instructor will accompany 6 campers in the three bedroom suites. The Hybrid Curriculum will focus on strength and conditioning training via hiking the mountians. This experience is amazing and will sell out early this fall.
  • AAA BU is as always the largest seller during the sale
  • We have 6 days left
  • This is the time to sign up for One V One coaching at your camp where you will have a private instructor with you for the week as you go through the curriculums
  • We had over 100 kids on the AAA BU waitlists last summer that did not clear
  • Email garrett@proambitions.com to help you plan your summer training
  • Email bob@proambitions.com to reserve your spot on our PRAGUE Tournament Teams

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