The All of It

The All of It

  • The All of it includes setbacks.
  • Setbacks are actually important and valuable.
  • The highs, the lows, the setbacks and everything in between are part of ALL OF IT.
  • The ALL OF IT needs to include a hunger to succeed and to prove them wrong.
  • When I say ” Prove Them Wrong” note that everyone has a “them” on their path to reaching their goal.
  • You can’t let ” them” beat you. Whoever your “them” is.
  • And everyone has setbacks. It is NOT just you although you probably think it is when you are going through a setback.
  • Even the highest level NHL player has a “them” and setbacks.
  • First rounders are sent to the minors.
  • Franchise players are off the power play.
  • Get hurt.
  • Have coaches that don’t like them for one reason or another or have an agenda.
  • Get back up after a setback and get even hungrier to succeed and prove “them” wrong.
  • How do you do that?
  • By making a plan.
  • There are so many little things and elements of hard work and grit that you need to do to get you to reach your goal and carryout your plan of hard work.
  • Success is hard.
  • Middle of the pack  is a lot easier and takes significantly less hard work and suffers a lot less  disappointment.
  • Take that setback and get hungry.
  • You may think that you were working as hard as you could…but were you?
  • Could you have done more?
  • Could you have watched more video? researched more opponents? done more stickhandling at home? gotten more rest? done more strength and conditioning training? done more homework? budgeted your time better? made a better training plan? eaten better? stayed better hydrated? been a better teammate and friend? been a more selfless player? communicated better with your coach teachers and parents? been more grateful to those trying to help you on your journey? been more present during the game?
  • Not a cramming session of doing more.  But a making a long term plan and executing it with small realistic daily gains.
  • Think like an inchworm walking, taking little steps daily  that my go unnoticed for awhile, but then all of a sudden. Wow that little guy really moved.

Christmas Vacation Camps

ANDOVER, MA – DEC 26-27 (9-11am)

BRAINTREE, MA – DEC 26-28 (1-3pm)

CANTON, MA – DEC 26-27 (9-11am)

DEDHAM, MA – DEC 26-28 (1-3pm)


Prague Summer Tournament

Join our  Prague Summer Tournament Teams Birth years 2004-2011. We form teams from single players from across The Nation. We will be taking teams to Prague and Scandinavia( Sweden and Finland) for one week in August and a couple of teams for a long weekend tournament in Bordeaux France May 5-9. Please contact Jeff Serowik for all details and team placement. All players must be accompanied by at least one parent. Boys, girls and co ed teams. We are offering a specialty European Training Camp one hour outside of Prague with Serowik’s former Pittsburgh Penguins teammate, Martin Straka. There are two separate three day training camp dates being offered. Like the tournament they are all inclusive packages. These training camps are open to both players playing for us in tournament or not. All details on website.

NWHL Camps

We are proudly the official youth development camp provider of the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL). All Pro Ambitions camps welcome girls, however, we have created something special for all the young girls out there with big dreams! Do not miss our pre game clinic with The Boston Pride and game package on January 12. Warrior Arena Boston MA.


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