Success is Really Imperfect

  • Success is really imperfect.
  • Fail fast, learn from it, make a plan for yourself and carry it out.
  • I have been doing a lot of privates this fall with dedicated players all in imperfect situations because everyone is in an imperfect situation.
  • Every child has a different story. Success always has an imperfect story.
  • Including my daughter’s in field hockey, and my own throughout my  youth college and professional hockey. Every player has an imperfect path even though you think it is just you.
  • Here are a few stories that I hope will make you realize that you are not alone. The difference maker to success is taking the hand you are dealt with, assessing your options, putting in the work hard because hard work will beat out talent all day long, make a plan and then carry it out. Inchworming along with daily gain.
  • One camper, who plays for a competitive prep school in The ISL, came for privates with me all fall. His original goal as a junior was to be a solid guy on the third line. We worked and worked all fall weekend small group skills saturday and sunday mornings in Dedham MA and privates. As of try outs and beginning of season he is on the first line. He worked for it. He earned it. I am not one bit surprised.
  • Another long time AAA BU camper from the midwest plays for Shattuck St. Mary’s. One of the top programs in the nation. She is committed to BC. She was put on the second tier team as a sophomore with a few other D1 commits. She flew here to Boston with her family to work with me, Marc Concannon as she has done for years. We made a few corrections on her shot, that upped her conversion to hitting the net 80%. We encouraged her to embrace the second tier team and be a leader. This playing time will force her to do a lot more than she is used to. Leadership. Playing time. Carrying the puck more. Hungry. All of this equals hockey growth spurt. Not a bad thing at all, actually a good thing in disguise.
  • Another long time camper, plays for a junior team and is now ineligible to play for his prep ISL team. He feels disheartened that he can not do both. It is ok. Stick with the circumstances that you are given. Play hard for that team. Train privately and with small group skills. Work on your own personal game. Another dissapointment that can be turned into a good thing.
  • Switching schools, club teams, not making the team you hoped for, politics with coach, or coach’s kid on team. I get it. All imperfect situations. It is ok. Take that imperfect situation and make the best of it. Will make you a better and stronger player.
  • Take the imperfect pass.
  • Take the imperfect line and less skilled linemates.
  • Take the imperfect coach.
  • Make all of these somewhat imperfect situations somewhat perfect for yourself by working harder and doing things that will learn and grow from.
  • Saturday and Sunday Skills and Private Links in Dedham MA :

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