Soft Hands Like A Surgeon

  • Stop white knuckling gripping your stick too tight.
  • I am seeing AAA elite players catching 5 out of 10 passes I give them.
  • Good players.
  • Gripping their stick too tight.
  • Not working on their passing.
  • So important.
  • When you receive a pass you soften up your hands to cradle it back and decelerate the puck.
  • I know I say it over and over and over….But here goes again.
  • Mr. Assist.
  • I love this tool.
  • Practice giving and receiving passes at home in the garage basement or driveway.
  • It forces you to soften up and decelerate to receive the hard pass it slings back at you.
  • De activate the grenade coming at you.
  • Soft hands.
  • We work on passing passing and more passing as a core of the The Battle Camp Curriculum.
  • Note the word CORE.
  • That is how you give and receive passes from your CORE.
  • I Watch youth players, they get sloppy and tired and lazy especially in the third period.
  • Every pass must be given and received from you core.
  • Get low.
  • Get sturdy.
  • Get ready.
  • Your legs get tired.
  • Believe me I know.
  • You MUST strengthen you core.
  • Watch your favorite NHL players.

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