The Secret to Hockey Success

The Secret To Sucess

  • is simple
  • sacrifice
  • an extraordinary life belongs to someone who makes extraordinary choices
  • most people don’t even make good choices
  • mistakes are often choices in disguise
  • look at the UCLA basketball players who shoplifted in China
  • mistake? or choice?
  • take risks. good risks with high return. calculate the risk.
  • don’t take the easy road
  • miss parties
  • I know I missed a lot of parties for hockey as a youth and a pro
  • I tell my kids the same when they are not invited to a party or choose not to go
  • my youngest daughter and I are missing Thanksgiving with the family
  • we are going to a Tournament in Virginia for five days
  • she essentially missed her summer, she was only at The Cape a few days
  • she was training at camps
  • but she loves her sport
  • and has goals
  • this same daughter and I left our family vacation many days prior to the rest of the family in Italy at the end of the summer to get home for double sessions and her school try outs for Varsity.
  • she scored the most goals in her try outs including the upperclassmen currently on the team
  • she is being recruited by D1 and Ivies as a 14 year old but did not make the Varsity Team
  • she played on JV
  • it is ok her training and sacrifice is now a part of her
  • her successes some day will be due to her many
  • Sacrifices.
  • I tell  personal anecdotes because I get so many told to me by my campers and their moms and dads
  • I and we love hearing from all of you here at Pro Ambitions
  • disappointments make you even hungrier
  • more appreciative
  • grit
  • need grit to live an extraordinary life
  • you gotta learn to play in the dirty areas of the ice
  • both mentally and physically
  • I know this from my own hockey career
  • I train kids with this philosophy
  • both physically and mentally
  • knowledge is power
  • we train your kids with unbiased sets of eyes
  • our only agenda is training your kids to be better hockey players
  • so they can go back in the fall and
  • Do Their Thang!
  • Couple of Things: AAA D1 coaches Camp please email to give some background on your player.
  • Hybrid Powerskating is in high demand. We have Christian Grunnah back and he is awesome. Our curriculum is very different. We have reinvented the wheel on power skating. It is two hours on ice and one hour off ice striclty core and leg training. We combine power skating, hockey edge work and traditional training with speed skating and figure skating technique. Christian is Harvad educators he is an amazing coach tactician and person. We are only taking smaller groups for this programming and no beginners. The boarding camp at Jay Peak Vermont has a lot of hiking in the mountains and campers stay at a resort. It is an expensive camp but worth every penny. It will be an unbelievable experience. There are two short weekend camps or the full week. The weekends are selling fast because we are combining them for many AAA BU players who will then bus to BU with a pro ambitions coach escorting the group on the bus to Boston.
  • The Prague Tournament. Please email our teams are being formulated. This is not a last minute decision and this goes early. We had a waitlist last year that nobody cleared for The Prague Tourney. This is individual sign ups. It is one week in August. I am going this year and coaching a team. As always we welcome girls!

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