Scouties in the Bleachies


Oct 14 Hockey Tip of The Day.

When Scouties are in The Bleachies.


  • Play your REGULAR game.
  • Do not try to do too much.
  • That is when mistakes happen.
  • Don’t over handle the puck in the Defensive zone if you are the player that moves it out well.
  • Move the puck as usual.
  • Scouties know who the goal scorers are.
  • They are very interested in seeing how you play when your team is losing. Remember this. This is a better test of your armor.
  • If you lose the puck, they are VERY interested in how you react to that. You need to skate your butt off and work harder to get it back and get back into the play. They love seeing how you recover.
  • Scouties want to see how you see the ice and can set up the play.
  • It is ok if you don’t score points when scouties come to watch you. Obviously that is great but they have your stats.
  • They are looking for the less obvious.
  • Scouts ask me about players work ethics. ” Will this kid meet me at the gym at 3am.” Been asked this by a D1 coach.
  • Be the first on the puck.
  • Shoot hard pucks. Hard passes. No HOPE passes, meaning you hope the pass will get there.
  • They are watching your body language. Don’t shrug, bang stick, pout. Don’t do it.
  • They are watching you very closely when the chips are down. Fight through it.
  • Intense back checking. Get back fast and help out.
  • Finish all of your checks and hits. 100% finish them.
  • Do not turn the puck over.
  • Analytics are a huge tool for scouts to track your progress but there is nothing like seeing you play in person.
  • Go to the showcases and camps and tournaments at the school you wish to go to.
  • Before big tournaments or showcases, prepare. Plan private lessons, skill sessions, attend every practice or regular season game as if  it is the showcase or touranment. Play with a bit of anxiety as I mentioned in prior articles. Practice how you want to play. If you are used to playing with a bit of this anxious fear factor you won’t choke when scouties are in the bleachies.
  • Your preparation will take away your nervousness when SCOUTIES ARE IN THE BLEACHIES.
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