Oct 2 Tip: Rollerblading

  • I had another tip scheduled for today but after I read McDavid’s article this morning, I decided to switch today’s tip to Rollerblading.
  • I agree with Connor McDavid 100%.
  • This is why…
  • The summer before my junior year at Lawrence Academy, my dad bought me rollerblades.
  • When I got to Lawrence, in the fall, before the hockey season, I noticed the rink did not have the ice in yet. It was concrete.
  • I asked if I could rollerblade on it.
  • The headmaster and hockey coach said yes.
  • Then a couple of my teammates bought rollerblades and joined me.
  • We rollerbladed every day for hours after school on our off seasons.
  • I had the season of my life that junior year at Lawrence.
  • I was drafted that June and committed to my D1 scholarship to Hockey East Providence College. I had many choices of schools, but I did not want to fight Brian Leetch for ice time at BC as a freshman(good choice on my part, I was absolutely right he would have beaten me and I did not want to compete with my brother as a walk on at BU. He was a great player and I wanted the best for him although I loved both BC and BU, PC felt right for me).
  • I then rollerbladed every summer there after at the Cape. The bike path in Falmouth to Woods Hole on the ocean.
  • 5-7 miles.
  • My stride lengthened.
  • I became faster.
  • Stronger.
  • My legs were solid as rocks.
  • So was my core.
  • A became an even better skater.
  • I attribute this to rollerblading.
  • As does McDavid.
  • I rollerbladed every summer religously on that bike path throughout my college and pro career.
  • Rollerblading was a difference maker in my game.
  • Not only my stride and speed in skating.
  • But my balance.
  • I hate to add to your hockey shopping wishlist mom and dad.
  • The sport is expensive enough.
  • But I must reccommend buying your player’s rollerblades. It helped me A LOT.
  • Bauer has a range from under 200$ on up to the Vapor Inlines.
  • Thank you Bauer for sending me new Vapor Inlines last spring.
  • I hit the bikepath again from Falmouth to Woods Hole this summer.
  • Awesome memories on that beautiful bike path.
  • Only need to leave a deposit now.

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