Remembering 9/11 and Hockey

September 11 Remembering and Hockey

  • Remembering the heroes and the hockey moms and dads who lost their lives on 9/11 
  • Remembering is a big part of hockey
  • Remembering the nicknames of friends on my team and all of the laughs
  • Remembering waking up so early for tournaments games and even practices that  DD and Starbucks were not even open yet
  • Remembering driving through snow storms to get to hockey 
  • Remembering the amazing car rides home with smiles and celebrations 
  • Remembering the the tough car rides home with tears
  • Remembering the team sleep overs and parties
  • Remembering the tough placements on a team and how it made me stronger
  • Remembering the feeling of scoring THAT goal
  • Remembering a tap on the shoulder from my coach when I really needed it
  • Remembering so many amazing coaches and mentors 
  • Remembering my mom and dads face of pride on the glass
  • Remembering being up late doing homework because my practice was so late
  • Remembering my parents hanging out with other parents having as much fun at the tournaments as me playing shinny in the hotel halls with teammates
  • Remembering all the great hockey people I have had the pleasure to meet 
  • Remembering why we all play
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