You are starting your seasons now best wishes.


Everyone wants more playing time. How do you get that?

Every time you are going in for a One v One Battle:

  • Every ounce of Inertia Determination Stamina Willpower Grit in your body has to be engaged to win that battle for the puck, get low, sharp elbows, greasy grit, strong core and full body engagement to protect the puck and yourself and win the BATTLE for the puck.
  • I was worried I would be benched if I lost a battle for the puck.

Articles and Tips we are Planning to Help, Remind, Discuss With Your Hockey Players as talking and Learning Points and Techniques To Work Towards This Season


  • Always moving your feet skating with urgency while receiving the pass, many youth hockey players stop when they receive the pass then look up and over stickhandle then go….Instead work towards receiving the pass on the move FAST do not look down at the puck…AAA hockey players will receive the pass on the move and dish it
  • Looking for your options before you receive the pass, two steps ahead always
  • Head up, eyes up, not looking down at the puck, this takes a lot of work at home to feel the puck
  • Greasy ready for battle in front of the net, sharp strong elbows, core
  • Physical check when you have the puck open ice
  • Watching video, watching your shifts five seconds before goal scored, discussing what you did right wrong or could have done differently, learning discussions with your players constructively
  • Being a student of the game
  • Practicing at home
  • Small Group Hockey Skills and Privates
  • We have worked with players for YEARS  in small group hockey training and privates at weekend skills, secret sauce
  • There are countless hours behind the scenes that determine playing time, parents and players remember this. Commit and enjoy the process, reset daily, enjoy your teammates, coaches, hockey families.
  • Wishing everyone the best start of the season, look for our articles and tips daily Oct 1-Halloween as we have sent out annually for over 20 years. We hope these 31 days of info will help, resonate, sink in, some will apply to you not all. Information and understanding of information is power.  We offer 15% savings the month of October annually.  We are busy planning Summer 2024, our return to AAA Boston University, European Hockey Training and Tournaments, new Nationwide Hockey Battle Camp locations and more.

European hockey training and tournament inquiries email Jeff at JS@PROAMBITIONS.COM

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