Reading The Body Language in Hockey

People use on an average of 50% body language to 50% verbal language when they are communicating.

Hockey is the same.

Reading the body and feet of your opponent, learning to make this assessment at early levels in youth hockey we have found to be integral in player’s hockey IQ growth. It takes years to master each skill in hockey. This is a skill we introduce early on.

We added this into our trademarked curriculum a few years ago and integrated this teaching into THE BATTLE CAMP DRILLS and then integrate a second puck for a secondary battle.

Watching your opponents feet and chest to assess where they are going.

Learn to pick up the subtle nuances of the body language of your opponents at a young age.

Difference Maker in Development.

We created a curriculum of drills to instill this important teaching.

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Don’t go through life without goals.

Set goals for the season. Plan training for the summer. The Summer Hockey Growth Spurt is Significant for all hockey players. Youth to pros. It is evident who did what over the summer even on The NHL level on their start of seasons.

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