Periodized Training

I believe in periodized training for hockey players. Periodized athletic training goes back as far as the ancient Olympic games. The metrics for this type of training are actually quite simple and make a lot of sense. It is the manipulation of training volume and intensity with short unloading phases in order for the athlete to reach peak condition at the appropriate time. The goal is to minimize injury and risk of overtraining. The hockey player’s year is divided up into distinct phases called mesocycles when discussing periodized athletic training. The mesocycles for hockey players are pre season/tryouts, season, playoffs, post season rest, and summer training. I have written articles about what I call “ the summer hockey growth spurt.” For me personally, summer was the most important mesocycle in my Periodized hockey training. I am reflecting on my prep school through pro hockey career. What hockey players do over the summer makes all the difference in how their performance will be in their upcoming season. Hockey like many sports places emphasis and importance on performance during an entire season. The hockey season is long. Longer than any other sports. Peak condition needs to be achieved by the onset of the competitive year and maintained throughout the long competitive hockey season. Studies have shown that the summer mesocycle in periodized hockey training is the most important mesocyle in achieving peak performance prior to training camp or try outs in order to have a growth and improved level of play during hockey season. In season training is typically called the maintenance mesocylce where a reduced frequency of training is necessary. Focus is on execution. Back to the summer hockey growth spurt…the summer mesocycle is the key to a hockey player’s growth in the game. This is the time to train wisely and efficiently with experts.

Summer camp is a luxury, especially specialized sports, academic, musical and theatrical camps where there is an integral component of honing a craft coupled with the element of a fun and memorable summer time experience for your child. Parents are capable of taking control of their children’s education and acceleration in their extra curricular activities. Researchers have discovered that the correlation with the wealth, academic, athletic and theatrical accomplishments of children is not about just wealth but rather the personal involvement in providing additional educational opportunities from parents. Wealth makes it easier to provide such opportunities and thus far from a macro perspective led to greater achievement in kids. With this being said, it is important to research the camp you chose for your child. I strive and succeed in staying ahead of the curve in all areas of my competition. In life you do get what you pay for. The training, technology, staff, curriculum and facilities at Pro Ambitions are remarkable. My staff undergoes rigorous on and off ice training sessions with all of my curriculums which are updated every single year. Staff members who have been with me for twenty years are still required to complete my training sessions annually. Staff members are experts in the field of hockey. The technology and man power necessary to provide the in depth camp evaluations are not insignificant but yield as paramount tools for campers to take home. This summer I am requiring campers to purchase a training tool at checkout. We will use this tool at camp and your child will become better at passing and receiving passes if they spend time using the tool at home in the driveway, basement or garage. The Mr. Assist training puck along with the Green Biscuit are and have been my favorite hockey training tools on the market. In addition to the evaluations, there will be a packet of homework for campers to take home as well. I encourage all campers to do their due diligence after their camp experience, and to keep in touch, so we too can celebrate their achievement of their own personal pro ambitions. Please stay tuned this week as I will be sending out another article tomorrow called, “ Dream Big, I did.” I not only share personal anecdotes but those of many of my past campers, and players on teams I have coached. Nothing great is easy and I hope your player and you will find it an inspirational read. Enjoy the 15% off. SALE CODE AT CHECKOUT: PROAMBNATION. The sale expires the same time every year, midnight on Halloween. Wishing all a season full of battles won. Not just goals scored. Little victories in each game. #battlecamp