October 13th, 2021

  • Please talk to your child about why you signed him or her up for youth hockey, hockey camp or whatever sport or activity they are doing?
  • It will be a great conversation.
  • Do you want them to get more exercise?
  • Feel the camaraderie of being part of a team, working towards a goal together?
  • Play a Varsity sport in high school? College? Dream of Olympics or professional sports?
  • Learn the invaluable lesson of how to fail in order to succeed?
  • Learn the invaluable lesson of sportsmanship?
  • Learn how to be compassionate for your teammates on the bench?
  • Learn how to be a good leader?
  • Learn how to be selfless?
  • Learn life lessons that life is hard and your path to success will be full of ups and downs and setbacks?
  • Learn how to manage time?
  • Get them off their phones?
  • Make friends for life?
  • Learn from great mentors and coaches? And maybe learn from not so good ones on how not to treat people?
  • Learn the value of hard work?
  • Learn the importance of setting a goal? And achieving it?
  • Learn the importance of commitment and follow through?
  • All of the above? Some of the above?
  • This is a great conversation to enlighten your child on the importance of why he or she cannot miss hockey practice tomorrow morning at 6am and maybe had to miss the sleepover with friends. There are so many more valuable lessons learned about going to that 6am practice, more than the actual hockey skills being taught.
  • And celebrate even the tiny victories…more on this tomorrow. Sports are hard. Success is hard. Tell kids how proud you are of them.  Hockey is humbling. It is hard. It is ok, tomorrow is a new day. You are only as good or as bad as your last shift. Next one up. Next. Look ahead, not back.
  • Sale code: SALE22
  • Updating the website a lot this week. Schedule continues to evolve…
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