Oct 24 Tip: The Value of Private Lessons and SM Group Training

Oct 24 Tip: Private Lessons and Small Group Training

The goals and values in these important types of training:

  • Athletes who are hoping to play at the next level will benefit from an occasional or better yet  consistent private lessons and small group training sessions.  Privates and small group training  will be the difference maker in engaging your athlete and showing improvement.
  •  For Beginners a private is an important opportunity to work on and improve their skills and learn from ground zero the proper form and technique. It will make practices and games more fun as they will be able to contribute more and most probably see more playing time right out of the gate.
  • Professional athletes continue to train privately throughout their careers.
  • D1 college athletes are given privates or “individuals” with both head and assistant coaches to work on individual skills:  both deficits and strengths.
  • One private can make more of a difference than 20 team practices where players get little touches and individual corrections.
  • An hour private is hundreds of touches.
  • Corrections.
  • Techniques taught.
  • Taught in a way for youth players to understand in particular to their game.
  • “Ah ha” moments where the light bulb goes off and they “get it”.
  • Game theory.
  • Positioning.
  • Strategy on how to make certain stock plays to stand out. At least this is what we do at our private and small group training sessions.
  • Bottom picture below is my daughter Pia who plays D1 Field Hockey for BC. As a family over quarantine we converted our barn at  to a field hockey training complex for her. Before we moved to this home, I built a training complex for her in our basement(similiar to the home ice rinks I talked about last week…I built with supplies from Home Depot(turf/rail road tyes/nets/shooter tutors). I often give my daughter private lessons to help her train in field hockey but admittedly I am not technically sound with the sport. I love the sport and am studying it and enjoy helping her train. I fire balls at her with my ice hockey stick. And although some of my training is helpful, I have been told by some coaches I am not always helpful because I am using my ice hockey IQ. I say this because I see the importance and value in hiring field hockey coaches with technical expertise to train her privately.
  • The best lesson I learned in hockey late in the game was that I have a lot to learn!
  • I am still a student of the game. I love talking hockey with youth coaches, parent coaches, high school coaches, D3 and D1coaches, NHL coaches and GMs, announcers like Andy Brickley and Billy Jaffe who come to our AAA Hockey East Camp along with D1 Coaches…this camp is almost sold out. It is a four day AAA Camp in Attleboro MA that has all of these guest coaches to train for skill sessions, NHL color analysts talk on positioning and sport psychologist.
  • Hit link to take you to the AAA Hockey East Camp Details, Private and Small Group Training and to find all Camps!
  • This is the time to sign up for RESORT Boarding at Minerals Resort in NJ ( indoor and outdoor pools, check menus, mini golf, water park in resort.
  • Sale continues for the last week ending Oct 31. Sale code at checkout to save 15%: SALE22
  • This is the time to add a ONE v ONE Personal coach at your camp or VIP at your camp, during the sale. Only deposit required at this time.
  • Pictured below Coach Drew Michaels giving a private goalie lesson, now the volunteer assistant coach at UVM. Congratulations Drew!


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