If You Don’t Want You Won’t Ever Have

  • Goal Setting is a SKILL.
  • Don’t Take This SKILL for granted.
  • Be current in your goal setting.
  • Take the time to figure out where you are now, how you got there and what you have already achieved.
  • Write down setbacks disappointments and shortcomings both mental and physical.
  • Write down what you have achieved thus far and memorable moments that you have enjoyed.
  • Keep this somewhere in your phone so you can look back on what you have achieved thus far and how far you have to go.
  • Define broad goals and NOW GOALS.
  • USE THIS ACRONYM FOR DEFINING NOW goals, we are going to call them SMART GOALS.
  • S for SPECIFIC. Ambiguous goals are not attainable. Be specific about your goals for your next tournament, game or try out. Very specific.
  • M for MEAUREABLE. I am going to skate back and forth to the blueline in this time. I am going to stickhandle around this particular course I set up in basement in this time. I am going to study for SAT and get this amount of questions correct for older student athletes in the recruiting process.
  • A for ATTAINABLE. If your goal is not attainable in the near future readjust the goal, get there and then set a higher goal.
  • R for REALISTIC. Set a goal for moving up one line at a time or one team at a time. Or getting more playing time. Keep goals real and current and NOW.
  • T for TIME. Set a time limit on your goal so you have a current deadline and then once again set a new goal and achieve that.
  • If you don’t want you won’t ever have.
  • Good luck in your games today!



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