Hard to Beat These People

  • Hard to beat someone who never gives up.
  • Because most do.
  • Hockey is a process.
  • A long process. A really difficult sport with precise skills that take years and even a lifetime to master. NHL players are still honing skills and getting better and stronger and more fluid, faster and accurate.
  • Ups and downs, highs and lows, politics, mommy and daddy coaches, all of that is going to be part of it and not always fair. But if you don’t give up and stay on your own course…you will get there.
  • Dedication is a 7 day a week, 365 day a year part of mastering something. Even days off you will be dedicated in some way to the process. Eating, resting, hydrating, sacrificing socially, or other some type of non tangible not obviously hockey related factor.
  • No shortcuts. Can’t cheat to win. Don’t give up.
  • The player who may appear to have it easy put in a lot of time that you may not be aware of. A lot of practice on their own, camps, lessons, travel with family to compete and train, tournaments, early mornings, late nights, injuries, financial sacrifices, family vacations missed and more. We have been hearing from a lot of you who put in a lot of effort training with us last summer. Traveling with parents, hotels. We are so excited to hear from you and Congratulations to those who worked hard and are reaping rewards. Celebrate the victories.
  • Embrace uncertainty. Nobody can predict the future. Work hard and do your best each day, each practice, each game and things will fall into place even though there are no guarantees.
  • Join us to train over the holidays. Lots of clinics all over the state after Christmas.
  • We are welcoming back Chicago Blackhawks Skills and Skating Coach Kevin Delaney over the December Holiday School Vacation for specialty Skating and Skills Clinics in Andover Dedham Hingham and Bourne. These clinics are advanced and not for beginners.
  • www.proambitions.com
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