Happy New Year Everyone

We are celebrating 30 years. So grateful for all the families coaches former teammates and friends who have been a part of Pro Ambitions. A privilege and a pleasure for me. I started Pro Ambitions when I was in college at PC with one camp over the summer, grew it to the largest youth development after I retired from professional hockey. We work tirelessly to put out the best product annually the key is finding the best coaches to join our team to train the youth of the Nation. Old school and new school training youth player development with unbiased eyes and positive reinforcement coupled with a rigorous training regime. I trademarked the Battle Camp curriculum which we improve upon annually and patented the best off ice training tool for passing over a decade ago Mr Assist as we find passing to be the biggest weakness in youth hockey development that can be worked on at home.  I believe strongly in combining European training with our American more gritty training. We bring in specialty European partners and specialists D1 coaches  and player coaches as well as first round draft picks every summer to our AAA Camps at BU and PC which are exposure camps. So many Pro Amb alumni in the NHL and D1 and college hockey. Every player has their own bar though and that is what we want to learn about and help them achieve. 

Programming Nationwide for all. We have an amazing team we are building as always to prepare for Summer 2024. Next week we will focus on our professional youth development coaches and introduce them throughout a series of emails to start off the new year. 

We are the camp of Hockey East and The Boston Bruins.

Proud partners of Bauer Gatorade Dunkin Donuts. 

It is the start of the new year we will be focusing on camp descriptions this month and fielding our European tournament teams. Be a part of them we have the amazing experience together. I attend all tournaments with my family annually.

Sign up today and you will get a free swag bag including a Mr. Assist value $200 we will log into our network tomorrow and add this into your camp sign up profile and send a new confirmation. Fun pictures through the years.

Below when I made the Penguins…I was contemplating on not going to the rookie camp that season because I was far from a rookie. I love this picture because it is a good reminder to Never count anyone out especially youth players who develop and grow mentally and physically in different spurts. Hockey is humbling and hard which is a great thing.

Pro Ambitions Hockey is professional youth hockey development for ages 6-18. 

Email us for help in finding a camp info@proambitions.com we have a lot of specialty programming.

Make an appointment for a call with Coach Henry on his sign up calendar sign up free 30 min call

We will be in Vegas Jan 5-7 for a specialty weekend clinic

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